Our Corporate Social Responsibility

As a global employer and operator, we believe that Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP can contribute significantly to positive and sustainable developments. Both for the benefit of society . We are thus addressing global challenges – from environment and safety to diversity and equal rights.

Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP social and economic responsibility towards our community, it has become the custom of Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP to exploit community talents and help the community to grow in all its endeavors. This is a strategy that enables the company to reach less privileged and those that are homeless. With the integration of our Risk, Health, safety and environmental committee, Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP has been able to integrate her responsibilities to her staffs, communities and outside world. As often say in the wisdom of the world that responsibility is the offspring of maturity, Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP has grown to solve all internal problems of the company via its various committees and operational units.
Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP is responsible towards his management staffs, workers, external staffs and the community which we operate daily in. As in our institutional policy management scheme, it’s our responsibility to ensure safety in the society during and after our operations, make sure our staffs both on-field operations and internal operations are in the best of their health and also providing the best conducive environment for a competitive, creative, innovative and bias free working environment where creative and innovation are highly regarded.

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