Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP is actively introducing technological innovations in oil refining and petrochemical production that will enable the Company to manufacture petroleum products meeting the strictest environmental standards and to further increase oil conversion ratio. The implementation of modern technologies allows the Company to increase production efficiency, optimize costs, conserve energy and ensure industrial safety.

In order to increase oil conversion ratio, the Company is constructing new delayed cookers and increasing the capacity of the existing ones. Besides, it has started vacuum distillation of visbroken residue and is upgrading tar deasphalting units and vacuum units of catalytic cracking and atmospheric and vacuum distillation facilities.
The introduction of low-temperature isomerization technology has resulted improved operational efficiency and increased production of high-octane gasoline components. The Company also plans to build a sulfuric acid alkylation complex, a hydrogen unit, and a hydrocracking g complex. Further upgrade will enable to increase oil conversion ratio, overcome the shortage of hydrogen, and achieve a balance of vacuum gas oil processing capacities.

The vacuum gas oil hydrotreater was upgraded, making it possible to reduce sulfur content in gasoline to the level required by Euro-4 standards, increase the volume of raw material processing and the share of gasoline and diesel fuel in overall refining output. Future plans include the construction of a delayed cooker and a catalytic cracking gasoline hydrotreater.
Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP introduces modern highly efficient technologies in oil production to increase hydrocarbon reserves and oil production volumes, and to decrease operating costs.
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