We are much more than a conventional oil refining company

The export department also carries out container ullage check on already loaded vessels from loading port to delivery port with full statistical delivery report posted to the delivery client as internationally apply.

    Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP primary objective is to preserve, protect and grow assets through a detailed approach to investment management. Each design addresses the goals and objectives of our investors. Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP been able to develop a transparent and effective system of giving out share information to the investors and prospective new investors also with good brokerage service, the group has been able to give future profit margin of the company to its investors. This has built trust and strong partnership with the groups investors and foreign partners.
    Our Investors are also part of our management team and investors management deals with the process and step by step way through which our investors investment influence the decision making process of the executive board of the company. As part of our financial duty in transparency and honesty, our investors are always inform on time towards any long and short term projects which the company will be targeting towards a long time fiscal year or already closed fiscal year.

Omar Akhmetova has serveral experience and best at Regulatory Compliance, Logistics Coordination, Supply Chain Management, Contract Administration, Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Support, Workforce Management, Site Coordination, Reporting and Documentation, Communication and Coordination, Emergency Response Preparedness, Financial Administration, Technology and Data Management, Project Support, Community Relations.

Amir Kemelov came with 10years of working experience and gives his best to Market Analysis and Strategy Regulatory Compliance Distribution and Logistics Negotiations and Contracts Risk Management Relationship Management Documentation and Compliance Quality Control and Standards Sales and Marketing Support Financial Management Performance Tracking and Reporting Trade Shows and Events Compliance with Sustainability and Environmental Standards Continuous Improvement

Arlan Ivanov is responsible for managing the complex logistical operations involved in transporting, storing, and distributing oil products efficiently and safely. This role requires strong organizational skills, strategic thinking, and the ability to oversee various aspects of the supply chain.

Medina Aliev plays a critical role in driving revenue and growth by overseeing the sales operations, developing strategies, managing teams, and building strong relationships with clients.

Arsen Marat As the Director of Karachahaganak petroleum marketing LLP, I am proud to lead a team dedicated to driving excellence and innovation in our operations. Our focus is on delivering superior performance, upholding the highest safety standards, and optimizing efficiency throughout the value chain. We strive to maintain strong partnerships, foster sustainable practices, and embrace emerging technologies to navigate the ever-evolving energy landscape.

  • For years of development the company Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP gained the acknowledgement both of its business partners, (Geological, geophysical, geochemical exploration licenses and reproduction of mineral resources, Crude oil and natural gas mining and Oil and gas mining services) and financial institutes.
    In 2015 Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP expanded in exporting of crude oil petroleum products, Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP have three major export standard which are the export of petroleum products within the European Countries, Asians Countries, other European countries and other international countries. The company export departments with their vessel and cargo carrier companies always make sure that the company export are up to international standards and same time with proper analysis of the products from well-known international organizations.

  • Main Business: Refining and Sales of the Petroleum and Gas Products

    Certifications: Fully Certified
    Main Product: Diesel Gasoil for Export and Local Sales
    Secondary Product: Fuel Oil and Bunker Fuel
    Purchasing: Crude Oil BLCO & REBCO
    Side products: Sulphur, Bitumen, Oils

  • For regular customers with a certain monthly requirements we have not only designed a flexible system of discounts, but also guarantee the preservation of the previously agreed price.

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    Developing controlled distribution channels to consumers (small wholesale, retail, export) Developing export logistics and expanding Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP Company Improving the operational efficiency of all sales channels Further developing and promoting the company