Our Mission Statement

Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP is a stable and rapidly growing oil and gas company with strategic importance and vast history with unique experience in foreign economic activities that acts in the interests of her prospective clients and stakeholders. The prior targeted mission of the Refinery is focused on a stable execution of high-scale oil and gas projects all over the world to gain economic benefit for the Country. Technical development and strengthening of global economic relations of Kazakhstan, mutual strengthening of geopolitical positions of Kazakhstan on the global market. In accordance with the Corporate development strategy approved by the Board of Directors of Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP Refinery, by 2025 the company shall become a major high technology holding in the Kazakhstan Fuel and Energy Industry with developed capacities in the area of hydrocarbons production, including offshore, petrochemical refining, provision of services and trading, and also possess significant potential in the innovational and technological aspects.

Mission And perspective Of Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP REFINERY

A. Production, treatment, transportation, storage and realization of oil and gas products.
(B) Engineering, construction and operation of transportation systems and pipeline transportation systems.
(C) Foreign economic activities, including export and import of hydrocarbons and products of their refining, including State share of hydrocarbons produced at the fields being developed under PSA.
(D) Development of design estimate documentation for the performance of geologic exploration works, field construction and development, construction and technical re-equipment of production and nonproduction facilities; performance of inspection of the projects prepared by the contractor entities.
(E) Construction, reconstruction and operation of oil refining facilities; oil and gas refining and products realization.
(F) Performance of scientific and research and development works to upgrade the existing and generate new methods and technical means for search, exploration and development of oil and gas fields.
(G) Provision of services for ensuring the safety work performance and compliance with the requirements of subsoil and environment protection; performance of environmental monitoring.
Besides the above listed mission of Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP, the refinery is structured towards Preservation of competitive benefits and increase of competences in the area of offshore hydrocarbon production, oil refining and petro chemistry; Development of innovational and technological potential by means of own studies and acquisitions on the market of highly technological companies and technologies; Increase of financial resources inflow dedicated to the development of the company by means of active work on the financial markets and in the trading segment; Extension of geography of strategic presence on the international market.

Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP INTERESTS IN OIL AND GAZ

  • Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP has significant interests in oil and refined production projects. We had secured a long term logistics chain and have storage throughout Kazakhstan. Underpinning all we do, and what distinguishes us, is that we attract and retain people of outstanding capabilities.
  • Today, Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP is one of the best petroleum and gas company of its type; and we are still growing. Within a marketplace that is becoming ever more interrelated, we continue strengthening our positions and building our capabilities.

The heart of our business is the oil refining along with supply and trading of crude oil and refined oil products. Karachahaganak Petroleum Marketing LLP has simultaneously grown a network of strategic assets such as refineries, storages and tank’s facilities, that enable optimization of supply chain efficiencies.

Stable increase of satisfaction of the customers, by constant analysis of the consumer market of petroleum products on the range and quality. Also taking into consideration an advancing of a customer demand, health protection and safety of work and the minimum ecological influences during the after-sale guarantee period.

Our producing and trading teams comprise some of the most talented and highly knowledgeable individuals in the field. Their depth and breadth of experience has been gained through many years of working at the highest levels in the industry.


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